Website Classifications

Surreal CMS is free for personal, educational, and non-profit use. You are free to choose whatever classification you think best suits your website, but keep in mind that non-commercial websites will be verified to prevent abuse. All websites have a 14 day grace period for testing. After that, commercial websites will require a subscription.

We reserve the right to reclassify websites at our discretion if we believe a website has been misrepresented. If you're not sure which classification best fits your website, don't hesitate to reach out!


A commercial website is any website that generates revenue or promotes a for-profit organization and/or its products and services. This includes "personal websites" that sell products or services under the label of a sole proprietor (e.g. "Tom's Piano Lessons").

In short, if you're profiting from your website, we respectfully ask that you subscribe to a paid plan.


A personal website is one that focuses on an individual or their family. It could be a blog, a hobby site, a curriculum vitae, or similar. Personal sites are considered commercial if they promote or sell products or services, even under the label of a sole proprietor (e.g. "Cakes by Carrie") or group (e.g. a band selling tickets or merchandise).

It is generally OK to include ads from networks such as Google AdSense on a personal site. We provide this exception as a way for users to cover the cost of hosting their website. However, if ad revenue makes up a significant portion of your income, we respectfully ask that you subscribe to a paid plan.


An educational website is one that promotes a non-profit academic interest. This could be a public school, an extracurricular program, or even a website that simply educates visitors on a particular subject (e.g. "All About Blue Jays").

Websites will not be considered educational if they generate revenue or promote a business, product, or service. Private schools and institutions that generate revenue do not qualify for this classification. Websites that are used as a vehicle for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes do not qualify for this classification.


A non-profit website is one that represents a non-profit organization. A "non-profit organization" does not have to be legally registered to qualify. Examples include charities, clubs, churches, open source software projects, etc. It's OK to accept donations on these sites, but they should not sell merchandise or promote commercial interests.

Non-profits that operate like a business and have a significant revenue stream are required to subscribe to a paid plan. The cost of a monthly or annual subscription for our service is negligible to any organization that operates like a business. Your support keeps Surreal CMS free for smaller organizations that don't have a source of income, which is what this classification is intended for.