The easiest way to edit a website

Discover why thousands of web designers use Surreal CMS to let their clients safely and easily edit their own website.

How it works in 60 seconds

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Easy to setup, easy to use

There’s nothing to install. Surreal CMS connects to your website over FTP, SFTP, or Amazon S3 to make changes. You’ll never have to worry about updates again!

Just add class="editable" to your pages. Your clients will only be able to edit the content inside the specified elements.

And it’s completely safe! All changes are tracked so you can see what your clients are doing and even revert to previous versions if needed.

Our inline editor is the easiest you’ll ever use. See for yourself—you can edit this entire section of the page right now!

This is a very limited demo. The real editor has a fancy toolbar and all sorts of neat features you can play with. When you’re ready to try it on your own website, click the signup button below!

Jacob Nicholson An amazing mix of simplicity and power in a CMS. Jacob Nicholson /
Mike Johnston The devs have done an amazing job with this one. Mike Johnston / CMS Critic