Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a hosted CMS?

Because it takes a lot of time to install, configure, and maintain a content management system for each website you design. The truth is, most sites don’t need a robust, database-driven CMS. Most sites need something easier, and that’s where we come in.

Surreal CMS lets you manage all your sites from one location. You never have to install anything. You never have to perform updates. You never need to remember tricky FTP passwords. We handle all that for you.

Can I translate the CMS into my own language?

Yes! Please contact us if you’d like to translate the CMS into your own language or submit improvements for an existing translation.

What is your IP address?

In some cases, access to your server may be restricted by your web host or a firewall. You can usually get around this by whitelisting our IP address. The latest version of Surreal CMS uses The previous version of Surreal CMS (i.e. accounts created before April 2019) used

Why does the editor wrap my content in <p> tags?

The editor strives to produce markup that is both valid and semantic. The use of paragraph tags is essential to this objective, despite its controversy. To better understand why paragraph tags are important from a technical perspective, refer to the article Why P Tags Are Your Friends.

You can remove the gap that p elements create by eliminating the margin in your stylesheet:

.cms-editable p {
  margin: 0;

Why do strange characters appear on my page after publishing?

If your webpages displays accented characters or other unexpected glyphs after publishing, you probably need to check your character encoding. Most likely, it is set to something other than UTF-8.

What is the maximum file size for uploads?

There is a 100MB request limit, which includes the request body and all uploaded files. For example, you can upload a single file that's less than 100MB, or two files that collectively total less than 100MB. Note that the limit includes the request body and file uploads, so a 100MB file will exceed the limit.