Webpages contain hidden elements, or metadata, that tell browsers and search engines what each page is about. To edit a webpage's metadata, open the page for editing and select Edit Metadata from the sidebar.

Surreal CMS makes the following metadata and Open Graph data available for editing. If a tag isn't present in the page's source, it will be added to the <head> section when the page is published.

<meta property="og:title">
The page's title. Used in browser tabs, bookmarks, and search engine results.
<meta name="description">
<meta property="og:description">
The page's description. Often used in search results and previews when sharing.
<meta property="og:image"> A unique image that represents the page's content. Often used in previews when sharing.
<meta property="og:type"> The type of content the page represents. This is assumed to be website, but if another value is specified in the source it will be preserved.

This value can only be changed in the source editor.
<meta property="og:url"> The canonical URL of the page. This defaults to the page's URL, but if another value is specified it will be preserved.

Note: This value can only be changed in the source editor.
<meta name="robots"> If ticked, this option will tell search engines to not follow and not index the page.

Note: Most search engines honor this value, but it won't take effect immediately and previously indexed pages may take awhile to be removed from a search engine's cache.


Support for the keyword meta tag was discontinued in version 7, as it is widely known to be ignored by Google and other search engines.

Character Encoding

Surreal CMS publishes content using the UTF-8 character encoding. UTF-8 is capable of representing every character in the Unicode character set, including those from many different alphabets.

You should ensure your page is being rendered correctly by including the following meta tag in the <head> section of your pages.

<meta charset="utf-8">

For your convenience, we'll try to update the character encoding meta tag for you automatically when you publish your pages.

However, sometimes the server overrides this setting and you'll see strange characters appear after publishing. If that happens, refer to this page for a solution.