Connecting Your Website

Surreal CMS needs to connect to your website to read and write files. When you make changes, everything gets published directly back to your server in real-time.

To connect your website, navigate to Sites and select New Site from the sidebar. The following fields tell us how to communicate with your website.

Name The name you want to use for your website. (Only used in the CMS.)
URL Your website's URL, e.g.
Protocol How we should connect to your website. (Ask your webhost if you're not sure.)
Host Your server's hostname. If your website is, the host will usually be This can also be an IP address.
Port The port we should use to connect to your server. You can leave this blank unless you've configured your server to use a nonstandard port.
Username The username to use when connecting to your server.
Password The password to use when connecting to your server.
Home Folder The folder that contains your homepage. Use the Browse button to navigate to your homepage to make sure you have the right location.

Important! This needs to point to the same folder as your URL. If you're creating a subsite, e.g., then your home folder needs to point to the subsite folder on your server.
Upload Folder The folder that uploaded files will be stored in. Users will be able to upload and delete anything inside this folder, so don't select one that contains webpages or other important files.

It's usually a good idea to create a folder called uploads specifically for this purpose.

Once you've filled out the form, select Test Connection from the sidebar to make sure everything works.

If you see an error, double check each field to make sure everything is correct. If you still can't connect, make sure your web host isn't blocking the connection (e.g. firewalls, geographic restrictions, etc.).

If all goes well, you'll see Connection successful!

Having trouble connecting? Ask in the forum or contact us for help.