Blocks, previously known as snippets, are predefined chunks of content designed specifically for your each website. Blocks let you insert new content into pages with just a couple clicks.

To create a block, open a site and select Manage Blocks from the sidebar. You can have as many blocks as you want for each website.

You'll need to enter the following fields.

Name A name for the block.
Description A brief description of the block.
Source The full HTML source of the block.

The source of each block must be plain HTML and any required styles must be present in your stylesheet. For example, here's a block that that inserts a simple alert on the page.

<div class="alert alert-warning">
  <h3 class="alert-heading">Warning</h3>
  <p>Lorem ipsum dolor...</p>

Of course, a block can be much more complex than this. You can even combine them with lockables and repeatables to make them a very powerful editing tool.


Blocks are not dynamic. If you edit the source of a block, existing pages will not be affected.

Inserting Blocks

To insert a block into your page, select + from the toolbar and choose Blocks. This will expose the Blocks panel, allowing you to select one to insert into the page.

Note that blocks can only be inserted into block regions.