Drafts & Revisions

A revision is a copy of your page that was previously published. We store the last 20 revisions of every page so you can view or revert to a previous version any time.

A draft is similar to a revision, except it hasn't been published to your server yet. They are stored and recalled the same way, though. You can save a draft in the visual editor by going to Publish > Save Draft and come back to edit it later.

What gets stored in a revision?

For security reasons, we do not store the full source code of your pages. We only store the publicly available metadata and content regions that we need to offer this feature.

How do I open a revision?

In the visual editor, select Drafts & Revisions from the sidebar. The Drafts & Revisions panel will appear on the right-side of the screen. Select the one you want and click Open Revision. The editor will reload, showing you the contents of the selected revision.