A Different Kind of CMS

Easy to setup

Get started in just three steps:

  1. Connect your website
  2. Select the pages you want to edit
  3. Define content regions like this:
<div id="content" class="cms-editable">
  <!-- Everything inside is editable -->

That's it! We’ll find the elements you’ve tagged with cms-editable and let you edit them in a beautiful visual editor!

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Nothing to install

Connect to your website using FTP, FTPS, SFTP, or any Amazon S3-compatible endpoint. You don’t need to install anything on your server.

Thanks to our unique architecture, you can manage all of your websites from one account, even if they use different web hosts. We publish everything back to your website, so you're never locked in to our service.

Oh, and because nothing gets installed on your server, your websites are much less likely to get hacked!

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Visual editing

Just click on the page and type. Contextual toolbars make editing easy and panels appear at just the right times to let you customize things — but at its core, our editor looks just like your webpage!

Worried about how your code will look after publishing? Surreal CMS generates clean, semantic HTML. You won’t find your markup littered with inline styles or unreadable classes. Just pure, simple HTML.

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Packed with features

Surreal CMS has what you need. Easily edit content, embed videos, manage photo galleries, and more. Edit everything visually and publish pages back to your server with a click.

We make websites easy to edit. Invite your clients to join, link your Google Analytics account, get change notifications, review user activity, use your own branding, and more!

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How It Works Try it now

Intuitive Editing

Surreal CMS features a beautifully designed visual editor that anyone can use.

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Years of Service


White-label ready

Surreal CMS is the perfect solution for clients. Our white-label package gives you a fully-branded content management solution at an unbeatable price.

Our service was designed to be safe and easy for even the most technology-challenged users. Most clients don't even need training to get started!

Try it now

Surreal CMS lets us create and edit landing pages in no time. It really streamlined our process for new clients.

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Andrew Becker, CTO
Enrollment Resources

Surreal is an amazing product that continues to impress me years after I discovered it. It’s easy to setup and the support is incredible.

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Ryan Nicholson
Laptop showing a the Surreal CMS dashboard

Get More Done

Surreal CMS is easy to use and packed with features.

Visual Editing

Editing is as simple as typing on the page. Our visual editor is the most intuitive way to make changes to your website.

Easy to Use

Most clients start using Surreal CMS with little to no training. It’s the easiest CMS you’ll ever use.

Works Everywhere

No need to download an app on every device. Surreal CMS was designed to work from desktops to phones.

Safe & Secure

Nothing gets installed on your server, so your websites are much safer from hacking attempts.

13 Years of Service

We’ve been doing this awhile — since 2008, in fact. We’re continuously updating and innovating the service.


Subscribers get a helpful response in less than 24 hours, even on weekends and holidays. Seriously.

Try it out!