A simple CMS for your clients

The perfect solution for web designers, agencies, and freelancers

Define regions

Easily integrate with just about any website. Choose which parts of the page clients can edit.

Add clients

Create accounts for your clients and select which features each person has access to.

Edit content

Clients can only edit the regions you define. Your design is left intact and all changes are tracked.

How it works

Connect to your site

You host the site, we host the CMS. Don’t install a thing on your server. We do all the heavy lifting over FTP, SFTP, or Amazon S3.

You can manage multiple sites from one account, no matter how many different hosting providers you have.

Define content regions

Just click to define content regions on your page. There’s no coding necessary to integrate with Surreal. You can have as many regions as you want on each page.

Prefer to get into the code? No problem, just add a few CSS classes and you’ll be ready to edit:

<div class="editable">
        Now you can edit this

Easily edit content

Make changes directly on the page. Our inline editor is the easiest you’ll ever use. Most clients don’t even need training to start using Surreal.

Our editor produces well-formed markup with minimal inline styling. Clients are encouraged to use semantic markup and predefined styles to keep things consistent with your design.

Edit anywhere

Laptop, tablet, and phone

Mobile-friendly design

Work from the comfort of your desktop or make changes on the go with your tablet or phone. Surreal has a fully responsive interface that works great on any device.

Don’t bother downloading an app. Just login with your favorite browser and you’re good to go.

Mike Johnston of CMS Critic The devs have done an amazing job with this one Mike Johnston, CMS Critic

Why it’s the best

It’s easy

Most clients start using Surreal with little or no training. Our interface is so intuitive we almost didn’t bother writing a user’s manual.

It’s powerful

Surreal comes with a ton of features that make editing content easy and enjoyable. Your clients will thank you for it.

It’s automatic

We push bug fixes, new features, and updates on a regular basis so you never have to worry about software being out of date.

It’s made for you

Surreal was built to be a white-label service. Change the theme, upload your logo, and even access it from your own domain.

It’s a time saver

Empower clients to make their own edits and spend more time doing what you love: designing, developing, or even relaxing.

It’s trusted

With more than five years of service, Surreal is one of the most trusted content management services in the world.

It’s cheap

With our pay as you grow pricing model, you can offer your clients a full-featured CMS for a couple dollars a month.

It’s support is great

You’ll always hear back from someone who knows Surreal inside and out within 24 hours. Even on weekends and holidays.