A hosted CMS for web designers

The perfect solution for freelancers, agencies, or anyone with a website

Connect to your website

Nothing to download or install. Surreal does everything over FTP, SFTP, or Amazon S3.

Define content regions

Select which parts of the page clients can edit. Integrate without touching any code!

Edit your pages inline

Editing is as simple as typing on the page. Your design is left intact and all changes are tracked.

Surreal CMS in six steps

1. Design your website

Surreal gets out of the way and lets you design websites however you like. Use your favorite design tools and keep your current web host. All changes get published directly to your web server.

There’s no need to install anything and you never have to worry about updates. Our only requirement is an FTP, SFTP, or Amazon S3 connection.

2. Integrate with Surreal

Once your website is online, connect to it with Surreal and select the pages you want to edit. Define content regions simply by clicking on the page. Clients will only be able to edit the content inside these regions.

No coding is required, and you can have everything setup and ready to edit in less than two minutes.

Watch how it’s done in this short video!

3. Add your clients

Give clients the ability to safely edit their websites. Set permissions for each user and limit access by site, page, and even feature.

Add team members as administrators so they can help you manage things.

4. Make it your own

Customize Surreal and resell it as your own. Upload your logo, change the theme, and access the CMS from your own domain. There’s even a user’s manual you can rebrand and hand off to clients.

We offer a complete white-label solution for your web design business.

5. Explore our features

Surreal is chock-full of content management goodies. Save drafts and work on them later, or schedule them for publishing at a certain time. Link up to Google Analytics to see important visitor data right in the CMS. Keep things organized with the file manager. See who’s been editing what at a glance.

There’s too much to mention, so come explore the many great features that ship with Surreal CMS.

6. Get help when you need it

Our support is unsurpassed. You will always hear back from someone who knows Surreal inside and out within 24 hours—often sooner—even on weekends and holidays.

We’re passionate about the service we provide and want to make your experience the best it can possibly be. This is one of the many reasons we’ve been in service for over six years.

Mobile-friendly design

Laptop, tablet, and phone

Edit on the go

Work from the comfort of your desktop or make changes on the go with your tablet or phone. Surreal has a fully responsive interface that works great on any device.

Don’t bother downloading an app. Just login with your favorite browser and you’re good to go.

Mike Johnston of CMS Critic The devs have done an amazing job with this one Mike Johnston, CMS Critic

Why a hosted CMS?

Easy to integrate

It takes less than two minutes to start editing your website. Your clients won’t even need training to start using Surreal.

Saves you time

Empower clients to make their own edits and spend more time doing what you love: designing, developing, or simply relaxing.

Super affordable

Resell the service to your clients and earn a profit from using Surreal. Our pay as you grow model makes it easy to get started.

Legendary support

You’ll always hear back from someone who knows Surreal inside and out within 24 hours. Even on weekends and holidays.

Tons of features

Surreal comes with plenty of features that make editing easy and enjoyable. Your clients will love using it.

Your own CMS

Surreal was built to be a white-label service. Change the theme, upload your logo, and even access it from your own domain.

Nothing to update

We push bug fixes, features, and updates on a regular basis so you never have to worry about software being out of date.

Six years of service

With more than six years of service, Surreal is one of the most mature and trusted content management services in the world.